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Our history


In the summer of 2008, Étienne brews his first beer in the basement of the family home. His initial interest turns into a real passion as Étienne attempts to learn more on the subject by any means. What began as a hobby eventually becomes a serious career plan: Étienne becomes an apprentice at Laboratoire Maska, participates in an internship at the Microbrasserie des Beaux-Prés, and officially becomes a brewer at Brasseurs Illimités. During all that time, Étienne kept perfecting his own beer at home.

Due to the popularity of his products, Étienne requests the help of his brother Maxime, who’s in the field of management and administration. The brothers decide to pair up to develop the Mille-Îles Brewery. For three years, they work on the project. They eventually join forces with Serge and Pascal, lifelong friends and experienced entrepreneurs, who will guide them in their dream of producing and distributing their own beers.



Mille-Îles Brewery celebrates ancestral know-how by offering authentic beers while respecting the greatest brewing traditions. We will first offer three series, representing the English, American, and Belgian traditions, in which we will explore several styles.


Our mission is to respect as closely as possible the greatest brewing traditions, both in the recipes and in the methods. Our mandate is to expand the consumers’ taste in order to amplify the interest and demand for Quebec’s microbrewery products.

We want our products to be the most recognized in terms of quality standards, while providing accessibility for all types of consumers. We are committed to using premium ingredients to offer products that stand out, and provide impeccable service to our customers.


The quality, consistency and reliability of our products and services are our primary concerns. We are committed to being meticulous not only with our brewing processes, but also with the quality of the results of these processes. In short, we pay close attention to all stages of our beer manufacturing in order to offer our customers the best tasting experience, each time. In addition, we are always available to our customers and consumers, whether to go to retailers or to answer any questions or requests.

Our company is a tribute to the greatest brewery traditions and pioneers of the field. We respect as closely as possible the different processes and guidelines while putting a personal touch. We hold our customers in high regards by maintaining the highest quality of products.

We are passionate about the brewing industry and everything that encompasses our business. We transpose this passion into our business philosophy and all that surrounds it.

We listen to advice, information, and suggestions from our customers regarding our products in order to better meet their needs. We are open to all proposals and everyone’s word is important for us to grow as a company.