Blonde – M4C

Blond Ale
Malts: Pilsner
Houblon: Amarillo, Aramis and Mistral
6-8°C 5% ALC./VOL.
25 IBU

Easy to drink, this lager presents a balance between the malty cereal flavors and the fruity and herbaceous flavors of the hops. Its delicate bitterness supports its light body to make it a guaranteed refresher. The perfect beer to enjoy with friends at M4C.

Music 4 Cancer (M4C) is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Jay Épinat and François Philippe Dupont to raise funds for research through music projects.


Discount applicable to cart at purchase of 12 cans and more:

12 to 23 cans = 5% discount
24 cans and more =  10% discount