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American Series

American brewing traditions are inspired by those of the British. This is because the United States were once an English colony. American beers distinguish themselves from their English sisters by the varieties of hops and the quantities used. Indeed, American brewers push the English style to the limit by offering beers often stronger in alcohol and bitterer. In recent years, the growth of craft breweries in the United States has allowed us to observe a great creativity passing by declinations of styles to others entirely new.


IPA - 6.6% - 68 IBU - 1.00 BU:GU

**Seasonal product**

With its straw-yellow color, our Rye IPA gives off captivating aromas of pineapple and peach. On the palate, flavors of citrus, tropical fruits and peach intermingle with the spiciness of rye, then escape towards a long dry and bitter finale.

American IPA

IPA - 6.1% - 57 IBU - 0.92 BU:GU

Treat your palate to the refreshing citrus hints of our American IPA. Tempered by a touch of wheat, it builds to a slightly bitter finish. This beer offers a blend of grapefruit, apricot and passion fruit aromas.