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Belgian Series

Belgian beers are characterized mainly by their singular yeasts. They offer a completely different aromatic profile: spicy aromas resulting from the formation of phenol during fermentation and fruity aromas coming from the esters. Both compounds are released by the yeast. Belgian beers are often bottle conditioned, which gives them an effervescence that almost resembles champagne. When we speak of Belgian brewing traditions, it is practically impossible to ignore the Trappist breweries. Beers decorated with a Trappist logo signify that they are brewed by monks in a monastery and that all the benefits are used for the maintenance of the monastery and its proper functioning.


Dubbel - 7.3% - 22 IBU - 0.35 BU:GU

**Seasonal product**

Deep red in color, our Dubbel has aromas of candied fruits, caramelized malts and yeast esters. It offers a silky texture, caramel flavors and a slightly spicy aftertase. Round, smooth and tasty, it will comfort you on colder days.

Belgian Blonde

Blonde - 7% - 35 IBU - 0.6 BU:GU

Subtlety incarnate, this blonde ale displays the aromatic character typical of Belgian yeasts. It combines fruity aromas and a spicy hop profile with grainy-sweet malt flavors. It is beautifully complex and smooth, fading to a dry finish.