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English Series

The English brewing traditions date back farther than the Middle Ages. The English have always tended to do what they call the "real ale", a beer matured in "cask", with a natural carbonation and served fresh. Nowadays, these "casks" are frequently found in several establishments elsewhere in the world. In general, English beers are balanced. The English malts are malted in a particular way, which brings a roundness to the beer. Hops generally have an herbaceous, spicy and sometimes earthy profile.


Stout - 5.4% - 40 IBU - 0.66 BU:GU

**Seasonal product**

Rich and smooth, out Oatmeal Stout has roasted malt and coffee aromas. On the palate, chocolate flavors interwine with roasting flavors that fade into a soft and creamy finish.


Red Ale - 4.9% - 28 IBU - 0.55 BU:GU

Our Irish Red Ale is brewed with a large amount of caramelized malt. This gives it a pleasant roundness and rich flavors, complemented by a touch of roasted malt which is felt in the finish. It offers aromas and flavors of sweet caramel and a touch of coffee.

English Best Bitter

Best Bitter - 4.4% - 32 IBU - 0.7 BU:GU

**Seasonal product**

This tasty and refreshing Best Bitter finds the perfect balance between the bitterness and fullness of English malts, presenting a slightly roasted aroma with a floral hop undertone.