The Monochrome Serie

This series was first created to celebrate the brewery’s 3rd anniversary in 2019. Each product of this series appears in a new form with each brew, sometimes under its original recipe, sometimes put in barrels or with the addition of fruits or other ingredients. A more sober and monochrome visual, now allows us to create new products by keeping the same visual from year to year, while simply changing the information on the back of the can. In this series, we have a little more fun with the styles and we can test the pulse with our customers to repeat their favorites and transfer some of them into our regular and/or seasonal line!


2020 Editions - Triple Néo-Zélandaise

6-8 °C 11% ALC./VOL.

This version features Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops. This New World Triple has a diverse bouquet of aromas ranging from citrus to tropical fruits. On the palate, Nelson Sauvin hops add a touch of Sauvignon Blanc.
To be consumed in moderation, it is 11% alc./vol. and dangerously easy to drink!

Édition 2019 – Triple Belge aux poires

6-8°C 9.5% ALC./VOL.

Belgian Triple with pear puree added during fermentation. Fresh pear flavors mingle with Belgian yeast esters to make this a fruity yet warm beer.


2020 Edition – Sweet Stout Café

10-12°C 5.2% ALC./VOL. ALC./VOL.

For this Sweet Stout Café, we let our coffee age in bourbon barrels to infuse it with its sweet flavors. This coffee was then roasted and added during the maturation process. This process gives the beer an olfactory profile based on dark chocolate, roasting and coffee notes. On the palate, the coffee takes the lead, supported by cocoa flavors and coated by residual sugars, in accordance with roasted flavors.

2019 Edition – Impérial Stout Bourbon

10°C 8% ALC./VOL.

This is our very first barrel-aged beer. We were lucky enough to get our hands on bourbon barrels that contained maple syrup. These barrels were used for 6 months to preserve the first version of our Imperial Stout. The result is a beer with complex aromas of 90% dark chocolate, coffee, molasses and prunes. On the palate, the aromas come back in force accompanied by woody and slightly burnt notes.


2020 Editions – Saison Mimosa à l’orange

6-8°C 5.5% ALC./VOL.

Inspired by Sunday brunches, this orange saison is the perfect remedy for getting out of bed. Mistral, Mosaic, and Saaz hops complement the freshly squeezed oranges added at the end of fermentation beautifully. Its dry body, invigorating bubbles and 5.5% alcohol content make it a thirst-quenching morning juice.

2019 Edition – Saison Sure aux fruits de la passion

6-8°C 4.5% ALC./VOL.

Passion fruit sour saison cold hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. Tropical aromas and flavors are supported by a strong acidity.


2020 Editions : Scotch Ale barrel aged and bourbon barrels with honey

12-22°C 10% ALC./VOL.

Here is the second version of our Monochrome Series Scotch Ale. In collaboration with Distillerie B by Miellerie King, this time, we brewed our Scotch Ale to which we added a phenomenal amount of honey. It then spent 12 months in oak barrels that were formerly bourbon barrels. It gives off aromas of honey, roasted malts and woody notes.
It can be enjoyed fresh or at room temperature to bring out all its subtleties.

2019 Editions – Scotch Ale

10-12°C 7.7% ALC./VOL.

We offer you a Scotch Ale, which this time is presented under its original recipe. Brewed with a large quantity of English malt, this Scotch Ale gives off aromas of caramel, hazelnut and hints of roasted malts.

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